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Sindbad Productions is one of the leading 

production companies

in Tunisia.

We are the only services company in Tunisia on the BBC international database.

We provide a full range of production services and have become a trusted partner.

We have worked with companies from all over the world, and tailor our work to your requirements and budget.

​We offer stunning and unique locations,

excellent crews, affordability and proximity to Europe.

Here are our many past projects.

Need a film permit?


Need a fixer?


Need a budget?

Just get in touch.

Creativity is at the heart of what we do so we also make our own productions for screening

nationally and internationally.

Producers have chosen Tunisia as an ideal filming destination

for many years.

We are committed to making your shoot as

smooth & comfortable

as possible.


Together we assess your needs and adapt our work to fit your project. 

We make good relationships a top priority and many clients return again and again.

In short, we aim to

get you the best

locations, crew and rates to get the job done to an

international standard.

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