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Our Films

Alongside our film services work, we produce our own features, shorts and documentaries. Tunisian locations, desert, Fixer, Film Services, dunes


The Crow's Siesta

Feature film set in the dunes of the Sahara desert.


To watch this film visit:


Horra / Free

Feature film by director Moez Kamoun starring Fatma Nasser as a married woman seeking escape and happiness.


To watch this film visit:


Prehistory in Tunisia

Factual drama on the prehistoric period in Tunisia


Late December

Romantic feature film starring Dhafer El Abidine and Lotfi Abdelli, directed by Moez Kamoun.

Coming soon


Coup de Coeur

Humorous short film (Co-production) by director Fares Naanaa


The Rendez-Vous

Short film (co-production) by director Sarra Labidi


Word of Honour

Moez Kamoun's first feature - Tunisia, France (Co-production) portrays the journey of three friends from an idyllic childhood in an oasis town to modern life with all its complexities. Starring Jamila Chihi, Jamel Sassi, Najoua Zouheir and Lotfi Zdiri.

Coming soon:

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