Past Projects

Below is a full list of projects we have worked on since Sindbad was created: dramas, commercials, documentaries, corporate films, reality tv, fashion shoots and social media campaigns.

The Touch



Production Company: Sindbad Production

Tunisia's style influencers - Global brand

Global social media campaign

November 2019

Liquidworks, Spain

Drain the Oceans


April 2019


Kyivstar Mobile Phone


May 2019

Esse House, Kiev, Ukraine

Mystery of Rome's Sunken City


March 2019

Blink TV

Locked Up Abroad - S9 Ep4

Factual Drama

Summer 2018

Prod: Tina Sadler / Jeremy Hall Production Co: Raw TV, UK

Back Towards Light


Summer 2018

Director: Arto Halonen Production company: Artfilms Finland

Football Hero

Reality TV


Producteur / Réalisateur : Emirati Channel 1

Locked Up Abroad S8 Ep4

Factual Drama

October 2017

Dir: Elliot Goldner / Prod Co: Raw TV for Nat Geo

Ersin in Wonderland

TV Fiction

Aug 2017

Director: Arnout Arens Channel: VPRO, Holland

Tunesien – energieeffizienz and TunisDemokratie

News Report

Sept 2017

Journalist: Julia Henrichmann Channel: DW

Ailsa Orr

Producer of Pompeï: The Last Day - Former Head of Innovation, BBC Production

It was a massive undertaking and we're well aware that it worked so well because of the efficiency of you and the fantastic team you gathered for us.

Mark Hedgecoe

Producer of "Ancient Rome, the Rise and Fall of the Empire" - BBC

Viewer and critics alike all commented on the fabulous spectacle and lavish look of the series.


In four of the films that was down to what Tunisia had to offer - a tremendous set, great real locations and a delightful local crew.

Cheryl Zook

Coordinating Producer of The Gospel Of Judas - National Geographic

We want to thank the team that made The Gospel of Judas a success which includes all of you.


Each of your contribution was vital, from our shoots in Switzerland, Egypt, and Israel, to the giant dramatization effort we together pulled off in Tunisia with the help of that beautiful nation's best production personnel.


Rick King

Producer of "Digging for the Truth" - JWM Production, USA

Sindbad's work could not have been better. everything flowed very smoothly with actors, costumes, and sets ready well ahead of time so we were able to get more scenes than we had originally planned.


I unreservedly recommend Sindbad Production for any work to be done in Tunisia. They are the best!

Gleb Nadporozhskiy

Photo shoot "Zarina"

LLC Moonlight Media

Without your high professionalism, immeasurable amount of support and guidance, this project would never be possible.

We will never forget your hospitality and friendliness and will be waiting for the future collaborations.

Colin Jackson

Producer of "The Really Wild Show"

I am really pleased with the way our film turned out and a lot of that is down to the excellent support we received from you and your team!

James Walsh

Producer of Lonely Planet in Tunisia and Libya

We all had a great time and were fascinated by the ancient Classical ruins and the incredible diversity of the desert.

Lynn Horsford

Producer of "the Mark of Cain"

"A big thank you for all you help [...] and to all of the Sindbad team who worked so hard with us"