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Filming in Tunisia

Looking for the perfect location for your project? Tunisia has what you need.

Tunisia is a country of contrasts:
The North has classic, Italian style rolling hills and wheat fields.
The South is only six hours drive from the capital, Tunis, and there you will find the pristine Sahara desert. Large dunes and rocky landscapes provide the perfect backdrop for film crews from all over the world.
The West is mountainous and covered in dense forest. 
On the Eastern coastline tourists from all over come to enjoy the golden beaches and luxurious hotels right on the Med.


Proximity to Europe

Tunisia is accessible from all over the world: Tunis-Rome is just over an hours flying time away and Tunis-London is under three hours.


Tunisia is a small manageable country; from Bizerte in the north to Tataouine in the south is @ 600km, about the length of the coast of California. There is a small population of 11 million people and a high literacy rate.   


Rich historical and cultural heritage

For thousands of years Tunisia has served as a crossroads for ancient civilisations: Roman, Byzantine, Punic, Carthaginian, Turkish, Andalucian, Arab and finally France. This rich heritage has produced an unrivalled variety of buildings, monuments and archeological sites. We are the only democracy in the region.

Film heritage

Since the 60s Tunisia has been welcoming film productions from all over the world.  Examples include: Star Wars 1, 2 and 4 by George Lucas and The English Patient by Anthony Minguella to cite just two. As a result, Tunisian crews and actors are used to working to international standards and are multilingual.

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