Looking for the perfect location for your project?  Tunisia has what you need.


Tunisia is a country of contrasts.  This small country is blessed with a comfortable southern Mediterranean climate with beaches, islands, mountains forest and desert all in close proximity to each other.


Rich historical and cultural heritage

Over millenia Tunisia has served as a crossroads for ancient civilisations.  Over time it has been Roman, Byzantine, Punic, Carthaginian, Turkish, Andalucian, Arab and most recently French rule.  As a result there is a unrivalled variety of buildings, monuments and archeological sites bearing witness to this multitude of cultures and influences.


Film heritage

Since the 60s Tunisia has been welcoming film productions from all over the world.  Examples include: Star Wars 1, 2 and 4 directed by George Lucas, The English Patient directed by Anthony Minguella, Indiana Jones and the Lost Ark by Spielberg, Zeferelli’s Jesus of Nazereth, Monty Python’s Life of Brian, Roman Polanski’s Pirates etc.  As a result Tunisian crews and actors are used to working to international standards.


Infrastruction and ease of movement

From Bizerte in the north and Tataouine in the south is only 600km, making Tunisia about the length of the coast of California with a small population of 10 million people.  With 9 airports Tunisia is accessible from all over the world and Tunis-Nice and Tunis-Rome are about an hour flying time.  The road network is good, especially in the coastal regions.

Locations in Tunisia - Oasis by the sea
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