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To film in Tunisia you will need a general film permit from the Tunisian Ministry of Culture. The process is straightforward as we have been doing it 20+ years and have excellent relations with the authorities. Some basic information from your side and ours is required. The permit can be acquired in a few days and is issued in both our names. Once you have this you are free to work in this country, and film in public locations. 


If you would like to bring in a professional camera to the country, shoot in a protected area, such as one of the many archeological sites or forts, or with a drone you will need other permits that we can also procure for you. Just drop us a line and we can give you more information on the whole operation from start to finish.

There is a reason we are the only company in Tunisia to be part of the BBC preferred-users list. We aim to make your work here as smooth and comfortable as possible, making sure you get what you need, however simple or complicated your shoot.


Need an estimate?

We offer a full range of services for your shoot from prep, to shoot to post-production. This includes, but is not limited to:


  • All necessary permits (eg: drone shots, ports, airport clearance, military sites sfx, pyrotechnics)

  • Location scouting and photography

  • Casting – actors, extras and stunts

  • Experienced crew

  • Equipment

  • Insurance

  • Livestock

  • Communications (walkie talkies, internet etc)

  • Production offices and studio space

  • Security and labour

  • Hotels and per diem

  • Catering

  • Transport

  • Freight

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